8 Reasons I’m Glad I’m From The Midwest


1. It would be awesome to be one of those impossibly chic girls I see on Tumblr that looks trendy and edgy and perfect — but I’m more glad that it’s okay that I’m not. I make fun of my town’s bar because the dress code is “fancy sweatshirt” but it’s nice to not have to be in competition to be the fanciest every time I want to go out. People are more tolerant of judging people individually, you don’t have to look like you’re in a magazine.

2. If something happened to me, my community would support me. If my car went off the road in the winter, for instance, I know I wouldn’t wait long before someone would stop and pull it out for me. It feels healthy to be nice to people.

3. No one cares about the latest scandal on the internet. All that stuff that shouldn’t even be news actually isn’t news.

4. There are trees. Lots of em. Lakes too. It’s convenient and affordable to live somewhere beautiful.

5. When people grow up on the east coast or in LA, they just seem so… permanently riled up. Like, they could never just go to the lake and relax for a whole day. I like that we midwesterners know how to have a good time and let loose.

6. If I want to get out of town, it’s extremely easy. There’s lots of open space between here and the next town or city. There’s cool national parks or scenic places everywhere you turn. It’s not piles on piles of people.

7. My freezer is always stocked with venison and fish. My second freezer is too.

8. I don’t care about having a big career. There’s so many better things to focus on: family, friends, being happy, feeling fulfilled in life. In big cities, but especially on the east coast there’s this pressure to define yourself by how long you stay at the office. I don’t want that and I’m glad it’s not a part of my culture. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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