Are You Listening To Yourself? How To Hear The Messages

When we know something is meant to change and we are ready for it and we are trying to make a decision but the answer is unclear, we sometimes just throw our hands up and say, “Just show me a sign!” But the way the universe works and how our soul works is that it’s always trying to nudge us to empower ourselves and become more free and confident in our own self. Rather than giving our power away and searching for signs on the outside, it’s best to make a decision first and then pay close attention to the feedback you get – the signs and messages will come in very quickly. Giving you confirmation that you’re on the right track or redirecting you to something different.

Recently I felt a big change coming which would mean I was meant to create that change – I’m no longer in the process of learning from change in which the universe pulls the rug out from underneath me to wake me up. I’m awake and I’m aware but I’m still learning how to craft and build my human life – for the first time based on my preferences. A simple luxury I’ve never had until now. Before realizing this, I decided maybe I needed to move apartments to shake things up (not asking myself if I actually wanted to). The day I made this decision I got instant feedback from the universe; I ran into something while I was walking, left my card at the restaurant and spilled a juice all over the counter when I was paying for it. I laughed and started to get the hint.

This made me go deeper with myself so I could understand what my highest path is right now, what was the shift that was calling me, and how to move forward in the best way for me.

One big thing I realized is that I’m going stop doing my Podcast so that I can dive deeper and find the pearl for my book, work on two other important creative projects and focus my energy on those in my private mentoring.

I love doing the podcasts but upon making this new decision my joy and aliveness that I was missing flooded back in along with inspiration and energy that I need right now. A message that my decision was the right one.

I feel deep inside me that I’ve waited not only this entire lifetime but hundreds of lifetimes to have the freedom and privacy that I do now to do my work, and the material comfort and safety so that I may get vulnerable with myself and bring out of me what is ready to be in the world.

Also, I’m a perfectionist. And if it was going to shake out of me, it would have by now. But it’s less of a fear-based kind and more of a reverence for the beauty and perfection of the divine potential in all that is – in every human, in every process, in everything. In 1999 to celebrate my high school graduation and the next chapter of my life, I had a four-hour astrology reading with someone who told me that we each have a gift; he said that mine was “empathy and the ability to breathe life into things, places, and people.” I know part of my mission in this lifetime is to restore the divine blueprint, bringing out the perfection in people and processes. I’ve chosen to embrace my “perfectionism” and honor the thoughtfulness we put into what we do; it’s a labor of love. As Kahlil Gibran once said, “Work is love made visible.”

I invite you right now to connect with yourself and listen to your soul’s messages and desires, to consider what nurtures and empowers and invigorates you. And then to look at what you are focusing your energy on in your life that no longer does this for you. To be willing to make necessary adjustments; to be willing to be flexible; to honor and cherish your gifts and make a deliberate, loving choice for yourself on how and where you would like to share them. This is the pivotal lifetime in which we own our power; we have the freedom of choosing our preferences rather than having someone else tell us what we need to do; to be in charge of our lives and build the bridge to our destiny through some big work and loving devotion and focus.

What bridge are you ready to build for yourself? What are your desires on the other side of that bridge? Where can you focus your energy now to make that a reality? I love hearing from you in the comments below – please share! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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