8 Things To Remember And Feel Bad About


 A young and spiky boy misheard me over a pile of handcrafted valentines and said “I love you, too.”

(“I think I broke my tooth.”)

A pseudo-intellectual boy grabbed at my hand and told me that we are all made of stardust, that the universe is swift and fleeting and our matter will remain etched in the very high and infinite heavens

(But do you know that I myself am made of moon dust and rose petals, laced with arsenic?)

A not-very-lonely boy bought me a grilled cheese sandwich at the witching hour that he paid for with his dead father’s inheritance money .

(Money that I dipped in ranch dressing and inhaled in the form of a black American Spirit.)

A boy with jawbones made of steel called me in the middle of the night to tell me that he was nothing but a very weak and ancient stone foundation and what is the most effective method of destruction

(I told him I’d trade in my metal detector for a plane ticket to Egypt.)

A semi-dependent variable of a boy I had known years ago flew a kite for me in a cold and cloudless sky and hit me til I kissed him

(“It’s because we’re getting older”, I said.)

A boy who I might have loved named our children on the back of a game of hangman and hung up magazine pictures I stole on walls his girlfriend was more familiar with than she was with me

(I switched seats)

A boy of questionable moral fiber said words I spent two years trying to say back.

(One-sixteenth of them are buried in a box I’m all too willing to leave at the old house.) 

A boy with eyes uncovered in countless concentration camps left after filling the gaps in my very sheltered universe with vegan bakeries, baseball tees, leftover curry and one-sock feet

(But I digress.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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