Sometimes It’s Worth The Risk Of Failure

Ines Perkovic
Ines Perkovic

Do you remember what it felt like to give up on yourself?

That one moment. Where you decided you can’t. So you didn’t. And that was that.

Something was too hard. Not worth the risk of failure. Something that possibly hurt you before in the past. And so you chose not to risk it ever again. So you haven’t. And you won’t.

That was the moment you decided your need for comfort was stronger and more worthy than your will.

A part of you died that day.

We don’t classify these things so dramatically we think we are just being realistic. Protective. Smart.

But that isn’t really the case. We are bowing to fear. Surrendering in fact. And honestly in those areas where we have given up on ourselves. They are potentially the very areas we would have been the most powerful. Why? Because we felt we just had too much to lose. Failure would have been too burdensome. Why? Well perhaps because it is very important to us.

When I cover myself in protection I cover my head. My face. My chest. My stomach. My back. Areas that if hurt could seriously or fatally damage me. You see we heavily protect ourselves where we have the most to lose. Which in essence are our most powerful areas.

It is just a thought.

Fear is motivating you. Not ability. Fear. Fear of vulnerability. Of being exposed. Hurt. Possibly hurt again.

What are you protecting so closely? And why. What do you think you can’t do? In what area do you have too much to lose? The answer to these questions are roadmaps to exactly what you need to face head on.

Have your own back this time. Trust that you won’t let yourself down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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