These Are The Two Types Of Friends You’ll Have In Life

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Each relationship is a friend of the road or a friend of the heart. Some are conditional in the most innocent way possible. How can one understand this? How can the complexities of life grapple with this idea of letting go?  Our road is a metaphor for life and in the next few paragraphs we can unlock one of the most daunting secrets.  First a disclaimer, there’s nothing wrong with tears and there’s nothing wrong with time.  When one cares about only themselves there is only one notorious word; selfish. People are selfish. But the common mistake is that selfishness is not to be a success. Maybe this is dilemma of culture. Maybe it’s a dilemma of the person but being selfish is merely a simple way of life. There is a choice.  At times one needs to be selfish. Other times it is incredibly inappropriate to the situation. This is where relationships come in and and weave themselves with the instinctual selfishness each person can show.

If you have a friend of the heart they will stay with you, carrying whatever it is they choose to carry, balancing whatever it is to balance and rejecting that which is necessary to reject. These people provide harmony. They pop up and surprise us to share knowledge and compassion. They are burdened with our lessons, often times having similar experiences and stories. They are selfish in their own right. Taking your friendship and using it to  grow with you, you in turn can do the same.

A friend of the road is similar but they have another ending. They have similar power to their counter yet they enter into life with a purpose. They teach a valuable lesson. It can be about the nature of relationships, or how to handle the stress of a diagnosis, or even about death.   They help us discover a new discovery in our being, a part of ourselves we had shied away from. One grain of truth to this friend is, they leave a legacy inside us. The moral or value they help to reveal sticks and becomes a feature in our road.  They share your power in selfishness by leaving you. They selfishly take a piece of you and you in turn take a piece of them adding it to your road.

It is often hard to tell which friend is which. Labels aren’t as important here but what is, is understanding. If you can understand the conditional nature of a friend of the road you can unleash a wisdom which will always yield harmony. Life has trick mirrors and masks which are puzzling and hard to grasp. One of these is the usefulness of friends. The flexibility of our minds is infinite but it can cause experiences that can break even the toughest of characters. They key is to find how the selfish fracture is addressed , particularly by who. Is it someone who invites you to their birthday party, or is it someone who kisses deeper than anyone before? Our challenge is to appreciate friends and let their value show in its own way. TC mark

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