3 Sad Stages Of FOMO And How To Get Over Them

Twenty20 / twinshenanigans
Twenty20 / twinshenanigans

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. We all know what it feels like. Wanting to be in five places at once but knowing you can’t. It’s a tragic experience and while it sounds silly, it really takes a toll on us emotionally while we’re feeling it. Social media definitely doesn’t help because all of your friends are posting “OMG Bill is so funny,” “the crew is reunited,” and the infamous “BEST NIGHT EVER!” You just sit there and think about how they could possibly be having fun without you. Don’t worry you’re not alone. Below is a list of the stages and ways to cope with this emotional disease so hang in there, you will be reunited with your friends soon!

Stage 1: Anticipation

You know something is coming up that you can’t be a part of and this scares you. Even the thought of all your friends hanging out together without you makes you want to scream, “HOW COULD YOU”?? I promise that this is the worst stage. The anticipation is always way worse than the real situation could ever be. Your friends are not hanging out together saying “thank god Becky isn’t here, we would be having so much less fun if she were”. So first and foremost, take a deep breath and instead of wishing you were somewhere else, plan something equally as fun to do while your friends are all hanging out.

Stage 2: Wallowing In Self-Pity

It’s happening. Your friends are all together and they are posting pictures on Instagram with the captions “Squad back together” and “My friends are better than your friends”. You feel like you could possibly be dying on the inside. Do they even remember you exist? Are they talking about how much they miss you? Will anything ever be the same again when you rejoin them next time? Chill. Out. Your friends remember you exist and while they may not be talking about you 24/7 while they’re together, they certainly can’t wait until the next time they see you.

Stage 3: Restoration

Your friends are all texting you saying they wish you could be there with them and hey, maybe they’re even Facetiming you into the gathering. Either way you are beyond grateful that they’re acknowledging the fact that they genuinely miss you and you start to feel better. Instead of thinking “I have no friends” you’re thinking “no new friends

FOMO is the worst, but if you’re lucky, you have the type of friends who won’t let you feel this way for long. The key is to remember that even though it seems like a huge deal to you, your friends see it differently. To them, they’re sad that they can’t see you, but they’ll be beyond happy the next time you’re together. So instead of forgetting to enjoy where you are when you’re there and freaking out about missing out, start planning your next get together and continue living your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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