Can Men And Women Be ‘Just Friends’?

One of my best friends is a guy.

I’ve known him for 16 years of my life. He stood by me as a groomsman the day I married my McDreamy. He is a shoulder to lean on during difficult times and always has time to listen to me. That being said, can men and women just be friends? Yes, I think so.

If the line has never been crossed or taken to led to intimacy, then my answer is yes.

After a guy sees you naked, there is no going back to friendship. It is awkward and just plain weird. It always leads back to sex — in my opinion. I’ve been there MANY times and it never ends well. Never ever!

The friendship that has been blurred with emotions, mixed with love can ever recover. It’s best to have a clean break.

Now, you can say that feelings can come around with men and women who are just friends at some point. As long as you are up front and honest with them about your feelings and the other party accepts it, then there can be a meaningful friendship. My friend and I have come close to dating before I got married, but honestly the cards never lined up.

In all honesty, he is more my husband’s friend now. They play poker together, grab drinks, heck, I rarely get to see him. So to answer the question, yes they can!

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