Fat Girls Have Fat Problems


Fat girls have fat mouths.
Have fat fists to
push away fat compliments, like
we can’t just be pretty, but pretty for a size 14.
Fat girls are supposed to have “great personalities,”
because it sucks to be a cunt and fat.
Fat girls
have fat stomachs or
fat thighs or
fat ankles or
fat asses.

Fat girls have fat problems.

Have don’t wanna wear jeans anymore,
Have would rather spend time with my couch than with an elliptical,
Have love my pasta and fried chicken
Have, “can you pass the blunt and the Doritos?”
Have face away from the scale at the doctors
Have “no I don’t know my weight”
Have “yes I love being fat just like you love being skinny”
Have “yes Doctor, I am ‘active’”
Have yes, I can lose 40 lbs and still be proud of my fat problems!

When woman drinking Skinny Girl Vodka comes up to me at a party and says
“oh my god you look amaaaazing”,
I question,
did I not look good before?
Did I occupy too much space?
Did my fatness interfere with the elbows and ping pong balls ricocheting against bodies that were smaller than mine?
Does the fact that you’re drinking Skinny Girl Vodka make you feel better about yourself or better about the fact that I’m here?

Because to you, I will always be fat girl,
and that’s fine because,

fat girls
have more jiggle than standstill.
They call us thick because you need a spoon to indulge in something,
so decadent. So sweet.
You can’t cut through my layers.
I am fat because there is too much of me to contain.
Because I’ve had to throw punches for my curves and budges,
because I’ve had to have lovers that are “into that kind of thing,”
because BBW is a porn category.
We are our own category.

Because there are clothes that are one size fits all,
no such thing as one size fits all
when the average woman in the United States is a size 14
and the average boutique doesn’t carry a size 14.
Because dressing modestly is impossible when you have size f tits.

Because we are type cast as the funny fat friend.
Because we never have a romantic interest in cinema without it being considered a joke or phenomena.

Because we have to hear “I love you, I’m just not attracted to you,”
as if…
attractiveness is contained by volume. But,
baby, sexy has no size;
sexy has an attitude,
has a mind,
has a strut.

when you love a fat girl.
you hold her from the back,
and the front.
Don’t be afraid to rest your hand on her stomach
to spoon the intricate curves of her body,
know that you are not just holding the cellulite that’s pillow soft,
but the love that she has for herself.
The love it takes to not suck in during rem cycle.
The love it takes to accept someone accepting her body.
Because the best thing about loving a fat girl is that she never needed you to love her in the first place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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