To The Hospital Nurse That I’ll Never Forget During My Mother’s Battle With Cancer

April and May of 2013, I spent the entire month running around, back and forth to and from Morristown Memorial Hospital. She was in the Simon 5 cancer unit. I was drained. I was sad. I was so tired. I was heart broken. Subconsciously I knew what was coming. I had a big battle ahead of me and that battle was watching my 48 year old mother fight her own battle with lung cancer.  The last month of her life took a toll on our entire family, but mostly on her. I remember stopping somewhere to get food and the lady was so rude and mean. I literally got in my car and started crying because she just added to everything that was going on.

I thought to myself, wow.. if she only knew what I was going through, maybe, just maybe she wouldn’t have been so heartless. But I am also more than thankful for this special nurse that helped us out probably more than he will ever know, his name was Marc. He walked into mom’s hospital room every couple of hours to check on her and when he walked in the room it was almost as if you could feel the true warmth of his heart. He was so kind, every single day. If he was in a bad mood or having a bad day, we sure as heck didn’t know about it. He did what he could to make us laugh and smile. I hated leaving the hospital because it made me so nervous, what if they forget to check my mom’s vitals?

What if she needs help but can’t find the strength to get a nurse? What if one of the nurses is mean to her and she can’t use her voice to speak up? What if she needs something that she can’t get to? It may sound crazy but those were the thoughts that ran through my mind each and every time I had to left the hospital. But when Marc was working I felt so at ease. He was just a kind, beautiful soul, and although he may think it went unnoticed, I will never, ever forget him and what he did for my mother and our family.

Thank you, Marc. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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