15 People On If They Believe Heaven Is Real


“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

2. “I believe Heaven is real. I believe the soul has to go somewhere and watch over their loved ones. I also believe that everyone has their own heaven with the people that they want there. It is not necessarily what everyone depicts it as with pearly gates and such.”

3. “I’d like to think so… I’d like to think that there is a place you go after you die that you just don’t cease to exist.”

4. “I believe Heaven is a real place. Besides being taught that in the Bible, I believe this because I have too much to lose if I don’t. I think Heaven is not only a place but a feeling of hope and if I don’t have hope, what’s the point? I want to be reunited with my loved ones who have passed and Heaven gives me the hope that I will be. What kind of life would this be if we were all put here just to die and vanish into thin air? There has to be something bigger, something greater worth living for after we pass. Somewhere that makes all the pain and suffering we experience in this life worth living through. So yes, I full heartily believe that there is a Heaven and one day we will all be there, reunited with our loved ones, with no more pain, suffering, illnesses, etc. In this place we will finally be made whole and that’s where our real fairy-tale will begin!”

5. “I recently lost my father in law to cancer and if I didn’t believe in heaven before I most certainly do now.”

6. “I think heaven is a real place to those who need something to believe in when something horrific happens. Such as a family member passing or when a loved one is sick. It is only natural for us to hope there is a happy/beautiful place where we can all meet again when we die. Heaven makes the grieving process easier. However, the reality of heaven…it is hard to fathom. This world can be very dirty and cruel, I think the idea of Heaven is what people use to make it through life. At this point in my life, no, I do not think Heaven is a real place.”

7. “I do believe we do go somewhere and I am not sure where, but our souls definitely go somewhere.”

8. “I definitely feel that Heaven can be a real thing. I’ve always have that feeling that family members who have moved on from this life are in a place where there is no wrong doing and everyone is back to being healthy. I always think that one day I will be able to see all the members of my family and also close friends again.”

9. “Great question. Unfortunately my answer is in the middle. I don’t know if Heaven exits because fortunately I am alive.”

10. “I believe heaven is real. We have to be naive to think we are the only life form in the whole universe. Maybe heaven is like another planet, where you can be whoever and whatever you want. You live forever and never age or get sick.”

11. “I think that there is some type of an afterlife where you get to be reunited with your loved ones.”

12. “I believe Heaven is the Universe. When spirits/souls enter into Heaven they are given a gift, the universe. They can go anywhere, anytime, and have beautiful and magical experiences. All their Earth experiences that were not good will be removed and the spirits/souls will only feel the love they felt and gave on earth.”

13. “I’m not really sure. I’d like to think heaven is real but I have a hard time understanding it all.”

14. “I believe in heaven. It’s nice to think there is something amazing after the life you live. The way I look at it is atheism is stupid because you have nothing to gain from it and everything to lose. What’s it going to hurt if you believe and you are wrong? But if you don’t believe in heaven and you are wrong then what? So for me, I’d rather believe and like to think there’s another life out there for me.”

15. “Yes, Heaven is a real place. I know this.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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