10 Reasons To Never Get Involved With A Married Man


He will never truly be “yours.”

Not that a human being should ever “belong” to somebody else, but he will never fully be able to commit to you regardless if he is happily married or not happy at all. He’s married to another woman, at the end of the day he’s still hers.

You never know if they’re telling you their full story.

You will never know for sure where he is, what he is doing, and who he is doing it with. There is always two sides to every story and unfortunately, you will never know any other side but his.

People will judge you.

People always talk. Dating a married man is more of a reason to speak poorly of you. Although no one will ever know the situation 100 percent, it just doesn’t look right.

You’ll always be “his secret”

No one can know about you. You can’t go out with him in public because you just might get caught. Plain and simple, he doesn’t want anybody to know about you for the fear of making himself look bad.

Even if you’re both in love, you’re the one that is alone.

Yup. He goes home to his wife, you go home wishing he was with you.

You’ll never consistently be waking up next to him or coming home to him, ever.

He’s just not loyal.

Obviously. If he would do it to her, he would do it to you. He made a vow when he married her and he clearly couldn’t follow through with it. What would make you think you’re any different than her?

You’ll constantly be making excuses for him.

“But he’s not happy.”, “He doesn’t love her.”, “He has responsibilities.” Welp, guess what. He’s still married to her.

He’ll constantly be making excuses for himself.

“But I don’t love her.”, “I’m not happy.”, “I have responsibilities.” Welp, guess what. He’s still married to her.

Because you deserve all of somebody.

You have so much love to offer so why would you settle for any less than you deserve? You shouldn’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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