Why Wait For Superman When You Can Be Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman 2009 [Blu-ray]
Wonder Woman 2009 [Blu-ray]

Solitude. Ahh, mine has never felt as good as it does now. Free, single, independent, and happy. Alone. A word I used to hate — something I never wanted to be. I’ve pretty much had a boyfriend since I was 16. He would consume my whole life. I would drop anything and everything to be with him. A night out with my girlfriends, away from him was more than I could bear. I was dependent on him for my happiness, my future, and basically my whole life. It was pathetic. He wasn’t a bad guy, but he wasn’t a great guy either. I chose to settle with him and for that I only blame myself.

I would never want to consider it a waste of time, but more of a learning experience. How could I ever possibly be in a happy, healthy, successful relationship, if I couldn’t even stomach spending a night away from my significant other? I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to constantly be with him because I “loved him” or if it was because I became dependent on him. Or maybe, in fact, it was because I just didn’t want to be alone.

Until one day I decided to pack up my stuff, move out, and start a life of my own. On my own, with no interruptions…It was time to focus on little ol’ me for once. It definitely took some getting used to. No one to come home to, no one to cook dinner for, no one to cuddle with, no one to call on my way home from work. In a way it was relieving- I felt free.. I felt happy and for once in my life I was able to recognize my flaws, the things I needed to change. I found myself. I found the things I love to do. The person I love to be. And the life I love to lead.

It’s been a year and a half since I’ve been “alone” and so much has come into my life. So much that I would of never let in if I was still dependent on him. I constantly hear or see girls complain about being single. They sometimes even joke about it. Who are they kidding? They’re not single because they want to be or else it wouldn’t be a topic of constant conversation. But I say, why wait for Superman when you can be WONDER WOMAN?

Yes, we all want somebody who will compliment us and bring out the best in us, but you don’t need a man to complete you. You don’t need a man’s money (and if you do, honey, you better get a job), you don’t need a man to support you, to speak for you, to be there to watch your every move, nor should you ever want that. You can be a WONDER WOMAN.

I believe every woman should focus on being independent on their own, before they ever enter any relationship. Be a WONDER WOMAN. Do you really want to “belong” to him? Do you really want him to have all the power in the relationship? Do you really want to give all of yourself to him and have no life of your own? Do you really want your world to fall apart if he decided to leave you? No, you don’t. Because no man will ever value you any more than you value yourself. You are a WONDER WOMAN.

So get out there- find yourself, find your way, make your mark, set goals and when the timing is just right, your Superman will come along and compliment you, Wonder Woman. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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