13 Things Hong Kong Kids Know To Be True

Agustin Rafael Reyes
Agustin Rafael Reyes

1. The International Financial Centre Roof? More like “Hub for all underaged kids who can’t get into LKF because they look like they’re 13”

2. The tag #hkig will get you more likes on that selfie you posted on Instagram than you ever thought was possible.

3. As long as you have an expensive camera with a humungous lens and a photography page titled: *Your Name* Photography, you can consider yourself a photographer.

4. There will always be that one MTR exit in Central that will start to smell like Hollister and A&F before you’re even out of the station.

5. There are three main types of people you will recognize at every Clockenflap: Indie music lovers, horny teenagers, and horny teenagers that try to pretend they are there for the music.

6. All HKSSF Division 1 events are terrifying. Particularly athletics. Local schools will not hesitate to bring a gaggle of loud students that will belch anthems, bang on drums, chant school mottos, plaster on athletic tape on every surface of their leg, apply tiger balm anywhere and everywhere… you name it. They’ll do everything they can to bring home the trophy. Oh yeah, did I mention all Division 1 events are broadcasted LIVE on television? No pressure.

7. When you meet someone new, it’s very likely that you’re connected in one way or another. Maybe you’ve participated in the same inter-school event, attended the same party, or have heard of them from the two mutual friends you have on Facebook. If you find that you haven’t encountered them directly in the past, after about 10 minutes of talking, you’ll figure out that your best friend’s boyfriend’s little sister used to go to same kindergarten as their uncle’s best friend’s son. Or something like that.

8. The HKO (Hong Kong Observatory) website automatically becomes everyone’s best friend if there is a possibility of black rain/a typhoon 10 on the morning of a school day. What you want is a red rain/typhoon 3 signal and a thunderstorm warning to go up before you sleep (anything worse will probably pass over the night). If and when a red rain signal or a typhoon warning is hoisted, everyone will proceed to pray for the weather to worsen overnight in time for the Education Bureau to announce the suspension of all schools at 6AM.

9. Does anyone go to the Rugby 7s for the rugby anymore?

10. Bad humidity in Hong Kong no longer means that the air is extremely saturated with water vapor. It means don’t even try to go anywhere with no air-conditioning.

11. Chinese new year is definitely a more festive time than the actual new year. For most of us, it means red packets, chocolate money, and two weeks off school in the middle of February/March!

12. Unless you want a lecture on how the three Island schools differ, don’t confuse West Island School, South Island School, and Island School.

13. Lastly, DON’T attempt to travel to and from Admiralty or Central at 6-7PM. Hong Kong takes rush hour to a whole new level. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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