Your Power Comes From Standing Back Up Even When You’ve Fallen

We never really plan for a bad day to come. We never anticipate or wait for our mood to take an abrupt turn. And we never hope to let ourselves fall into a bad space mentally, but it happens.

Sometimes due to saddening news or world events. Unstable friendships or relationships. Because of our finances and careers, or sometimes just an overbearing wave of gloom. Whatever the stemming cause is, we cannot always predict our circumstances and we certainly cannot control the actions of others. As a result, we get hurt. Whether intentionally or not, something hurt us and caused us to feel small.

Something, someone, or even our own selves caused us to temporarily fall; to question our being, our worth, and all the strength we’ve built up throughout our days. And although it may seem unbearable to pull yourself back up from this place, you’ve got to. You cannot allow the dark days to keep you in its chokehold. You must learn to stand back up even when you’ve fallen. Even when you feel like it’s easier to stay where you’re at.

Because standing back up isn’t easy. It’s not as easy as flipping a switch, pressing play on a remote, or starting a car. It’s real life. It’s your emotions, your self-worth, your ego, and your identity, all under attack.

And when you’re there, it feels like it will never end.

It becomes all consuming. It becomes this spiraling progression of imagined doom if you allow it. And while I wish there was a magical immunity to never feel these low points, there’s not.

In a way, it’s a good thing we are not immune to the lows. I believe they make the highs that much more significant. I believe they make you stronger. I believe it grants you your power.

The power that comes from standing back up each time you think you’ve fallen.

The power that comes from taking a step forward when all you can think of is staying immobile. From choosing to open yourself up to life and new possibilities, despite being knocked down in the past. From learning what sets you back and gracefully allowing yourself to heal.

Your power comes from acknowledging we are complex and magnificent beings who will get knocked down again and again in this world.

But each time you fall, you will learn how to pick yourself up. Each time you fall, it will help you navigate the hardships to come and avoid future ones. Each time you fall, you may be left with a scar, but it will remind you of your strength.

Because who you are today is a person who has continued to stand back up, despite how many times you may have fallen along the way.

I am the only Jenna Hushka in the world.

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