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It’s Time To Stop Falling For Potential

Our brains like to wander. They like to take a simple thought and turn it into a story. They like to craft the details with scripts, main characters, moments, and visuals that are so realistic, we convince ourselves they’ll come true.

And our brains will do this with romantic interests. You meet someone who captures your attention, and you begin to let your mind run. You cling to the moments together that made you smile. You start to consume your thoughts with kisses and cuddles and time spent together. You begin to imagine what a future could be like.

And while you begin to fall, you begin to overlook the reasons why you shouldn’t. You begin to ignore the red flags, the uncertainty, and the mixed signals, all because you’ve dreamed up what you and them might become.

But what you’re doing isn’t dreaming up a perfect relationship. You are not correcting their unforgivable behavior. Instead, you are falling for potential. You are falling for a future of what ‘could be’. What it could become. 

But love stories don’t exist on what could have been. Love doesn’t grow strongest based on what it might turn into. Real love is what it is in the moment. What you can describe it as today. What their actions have proven to be true. Anything else is just potential.

It’s tempting wanting to fall for someone based on what we hope they can be. We get glimpses of them at their very best. We get splashes of what it would be like if only they changed a little bit in a certain way. If only they realize how special you are and commit to treating you 100% right. If only they realize they want to spend the rest of their days with you.

And maybe they will change. Maybe they will become everything you are dreaming up in your head. But maybe it’s just potential.

Maybe you are so busy daydreaming this perfect plot to a love story that you’re forgetting that not all relationships are meant to last. Not all encounters, crushes, lovers, or interests are meant to be in our lives indefinitely.

So please, stop falling for potential. Because you are worth more than someone who leaves you questioning where you stand. You are worth more than spending your nights hoping they actually want to be with you. You are worth more than someone who makes you feel like staying together is an unknown.

You are worth more than just potential.

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