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If You’ve Forgotten, You Deserve To Have These Things In Life

It feels good to get things quickly. Instant gratification feels good for a reason. But the truth is, we usually don’t get everything we want in life all at once. In fact, many things we desire take time, trial and error, and extended effort before we get a certain “thing” or “outcome”.  And when we don’t get something right away or as quickly as we may want, it can deplete us into believing we’re not deserving of such things at all.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth, because you are deserving of great things in life. 

So in case you forgot, you deserve to have these things in life:

You deserve a break. 

It may feel like you need to constantly be on the go to be productive or successful, but just like many things in life, you too deserve to pause and take a break. A break doesn’t mean you’re calling something quits. It doesn’t mean you are lazy or unfit. It means you honor your ability to rest and recharge.  It means your best work happens when you listen to your body and mind instead of external pressure to outwork yourself. You deserve to pause, breathe, and take in all you’ve accomplished before you go full speed again.

You deserve to heal. 

Life has its way of breaking us down before we build back stronger. And on the way down, it can feel like the way up is out of reach. But it’s never quite as far as it seems. Whatever has hurt you and whatever you are working through, please remember the pain you are carrying is temporary. You don’t deserve to drag endless pain and suffering around until your end days. You deserve to restore, heal, and shine even brighter than you thought you could. If you are open to change and time to do their work, the healing will happen.

You deserve love.

You see, maybe traditionally love is pictured in a romantic sense: two humans who exchange ‘I love you’s’ and kisses. But love exists in so many different ways. In the way you love yourself. In the way you spend time with nature. In the way you cherish your friendships and family. In the way you feel passionate towards achieving a goal. You deserve all the variations of love that this world can offer. You deserve to feel love and to give love as much as you can. And truthfully, love already exists all around us; you just need to learn how to recognize it.

You deserve a fulfilling life. 

Whatever that looks like or what that might mean to you, you deserve to wake up each day with a feeling of peace. Peace because even if everything isn’t always perfect, you are still after a life of excitement. A life where you give more time to things you’re passionate about and less time to the ones that hold you back. A life that you will look back on one day and feel you did everything you wanted and did not let the fear of failure or judgment get in the way. A fulfilling life isn’t just reserved for those with money or a certain lifestyle. It is meant for you, me, and everyone else on this earth if you just believe it and start working towards it too.

You deserve the absolute world.

You deserve everything and anything you really set your mind to. Please do not let the day-to-day hustle and bustle of our distraction-filled lives make you forget that.

I am the only Jenna Hushka in the world.

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