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Despite What Anyone Tells You, You Are Allowed To Be Sad Sometimes

I’ll make this a safe space right off the bat and say it’s okay if you are feeling sad right now. It’s okay to acknowledge you are not feeling your best. It’s okay to simply not be okay 24/7.

As much as we may wish to be in a constant state of positivity and happiness, sadness is too a part of life.

We are surrounded by phrases and quotes encouraging us to be happy, as if it were as easy as turning on a light switch. And while some experiences can replicate instant happiness, sometimes we are simply just sad, and that’s okay.

There are endless books, articles, and posts on how to be happy, but it can still feel taboo talking about being sad. But the truth is, we are all going to be sad at times. We can’t pretend sadness isn’t a valid emotion.

Life is hard. Life is a continuous battle of adversities, some more difficult than others. Some of which only exist within our own minds, and some that have traumatic and long-lasting consequences. But life will happen and make us feel defeated from time to time.

Now, I’m not here to enforce your feelings of endless sadness, but I am here to tell you being sad from time to time is human. I am here to tell you that being sad from time to time can help us learn to appreciate our emotions in their entirety.

I am here to tell you it is okay to release. It is okay to cry, to mourn, to grieve, to get angry, and to feel all that you need to feel. It is okay to work through your emotions rather than just deflect them.

Despite what anyone else tells you, you are allowed to be sad sometimes. Because sadness is temporary. You won’t feel this way forever, and you must remember that above anything. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to let others help bring you back up. And don’t be afraid of working on picking yourself back up too.

You will overcome whatever is causing you momentary discomfort.

You will be happy again, because that is life. And that is being human.

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