You Won’t Change Your Destiny, But You Can Change This

There are infinite decisions you make each day that ultimately lead to your next moment. What time you wake up at, what plans you agree to, deciding to stay in bed and watch TV, or what to eat for dinner.  And then we look back, and realize a lot of these moments created your life, your destiny.

Whether you believe in full-blown destiny or not, we all experience those moments that were simply out of our control and otherwise stated, destined to happen. Kind of like hitting all the green lights home when you are in a rush.

We all experience both those beautiful memories that build our confidence, and those terrible memories that attacked your self worth. In fact, we often affiliate destiny with positive synonyms as if it was curated in a Disney movie. And typically we dwell on the negative destiny.

But destiny doesn’t come in a bottle with an ingredients label. Destiny doesn’t sway fully to the good or bad category. Destiny can be evil, unfair, and frustrating. Destiny can be the rejection letter from a job application, it can be the break up after 5 years of dating, and it can even be the distance formed between your childhood friend.

Destiny happens and you cannot change it, but what you can change is how you show up and live your life despite what destiny brings. 

In the end of life, we cannot leave our final thoughts over-analyzing what our life has presented. We cannot scour in wishing you were more attractive, more popular, wealthier, or anything else we deem “important”.

But we can choose to focus on filling that desire that lives inside of us that we don’t always listen to.

The desire to chase our goals, to become healthier, to start acting on that passion of yours. You can change your mindset to show up for yourself each and every day.

Let go of having control on every outcome, and remember life will push you to the right path in time. Keep taking those steps forward and don’t reminisce on the imperfect bumps along the way.

Unfortunately, everyone will go through unexplained, unplanned, and unfathomable experiences along the way. But it doesn’t mean you need to stop, halt your life, and turn around.

When a road is closed off in your route, you don’t turn the car around and drive home. You find another road and make it to your destination.

Same with life. Whatever destiny brings, you must remember you have the power to change your mindset. You have the power to choose what you do now, what you do next. Don’t let destiny dampen you when it isn’t positive. Show up and keep living your best life.

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