The Truth Is No One Has it All Together

I never understood where this misconception came from. That we grow up and then one day we just have it. We have the lifestyle, we have the house, we have the wife or the spouse, and we have it all.

We learn this “in-between” time from childhood to adulthood are the moments we mold in order to create this ideal life. We work, and we will receive as if it is some Disney-esque animation.

But what even is the definition of an ideal life? Why do we grasp so hard to this fantasy of perfection?

The truth is we are not in this life to be perfect. We are not damned into living and having it all, because that will never happen. 

There is no one-size-fits-all definition of an ideal life.

It’s like chasing waterfalls. Or better yet, chasing rainbows.

We are not here to have it all together, because nobody does.

You must remember, everyone around you to some extent wears a façade. Some wear there’s with full transparency and others with gates of steel.

But we are all fighting our own internal battles.

We are all sometimes barely making it through the end of the week with a faded smile. We all feel our highs only to be stopped with a low.

We all feel pain, we all feel heartbreak, we all feel anger, and we all feel disgust. We all feel simply because we are human and that’s the peculiar thing about how our minds elope.

You must stop with this nonsense and obsession of having it all together.

But instead, you must obsess about becoming better each day. Not specifically in the measurable ways, but in the simple small and realistic ways.

In the ways that bring you peace. In the ways that you become a better lover; to yourself and to others. In the ways that you take the job you love, and leave the one that brings you misery. In the ways you start making time for yourself, and for the people who bring joy to your existence.

Promise to enjoy your day-to-day a little more. Promise to laugh with the tough times, and feel grateful and grounded during the good.

Because life is not about having it together. Find comfort in the twisted truth that “having it all together” will never come and quite frankly, shouldn’t.

And start living with intent, and enjoying the ride.

I am the only Jenna Hushka in the world.

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