Be The Person Who Heals

It’s going to sit there comfortably; pain that is. Like an anchor residing in your body. An anchor that holds you back from moving any which direction. It’s these built up feelings that sit inside of you that have not been addressed or faintly acknowledged. We want pain to vanish and disappear into thin air. And we would rather bottle it up tightly than face the release.

But here’s the magic solution: there is none. No one is going to make you feel better. There is no cure. However, the positive and not so magical truth is that you have the power to heal yourself.

I want you to be the person that heals. Not because it is easy or fun or even something you think you are ready to take on, but because you don’t deserve to harness all of that weight. That lingering energy that prevents you from being yourself and living your life.

Be the person that heals because not everyone will. You see, most people won’t choose to face their demons head-on. It’s brave, to heal because it requires you to fully embellish the emotions that have been trapped up inside.

Be the person who heals. Not just for the sake of it, to slap a smile on, but because this is it. This is your one life, and faking can only last so long. That’s why we have actors; you can’t stay in character forever. Do not waste your precious days, overruled by the pain that lives inside you.

Be the person who heals otherwise, you are willingly letting the hurt win. You reflect what you are feeling on the inside, on how you act and treat others.  People who have not taken the time to heal the parts that feel icky, end up hurting those around them by reflecting their own misfortune.

I need you to know it hurts today, which may be a fact. But above all, be the person who heals.

Be the person who heals even when you feel like it will never get better. Because that’s the paradox hidden in life. Life will never get to this perfect never-ending climax, peak, or high. It’s a never-ending process of building yourself back up into the strong individual you must choose to be. Every day, constantly healing and growing.

I am the only Jenna Hushka in the world.

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