How To Find Your Passion

“Follow your passion, do what you love.”

This is the kind of broken-record phrase we have heard repeatedly throughout our lives.

But here’s my question: What would you do if you didn’t know who was watching? What you would accomplish if you didn’t have these metaphorical bumper lanes that keep our image rather cookie cutter? While the question often seems so vague, truly, what would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Most people only fully exist within their mindset, and not merely in reality. Because in your mindset, you can start over, you can surpass the judgments of others, and you don’t have to put in real effort. I have found that it’s easier to say I will and that I am going to than to actually be or do. It’s tough to figure out what we want truly to accomplish in life and what makes us happy. Often that’s because its easier to stay hidden, to stay in our comfortable human routine of pattern.

A lot of times, we as individuals create an image of ourselves that may or may not be exactly who we are deep down. We post things and say things with the intention that people are watching, to fit in with this image we have created for ourselves and not always based on what we truly feel or think.

Because we want our lives to feel perfect, and to feel like we are in control –making these meticulously crafted decisions. How silly are we as humans sometimes?

We don’t want to stray far from how we think others want to see us. But why? Why do we subconsciously focus on the minds and thoughts of others that take control of our actions?

Often, when we think of ourselves being successful and achieving our goals, we gravitate to the image of how it would look on social media, online, and how others would react to our success. But ask yourself, who would you become if no one was watching? If you physically couldn’t tell the world about something you have accomplished, if no one would know or care, what would you do?

Because when we don’t find ourselves obsessing over telling the world our accomplishments – you learn about what you truly care about.  You learn what makes your excitement tick, what your soul craves.

That’s magical. It’s magical when we allow ourselves to think beyond the lines, act beyond the online presence, and truly just—be yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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