Here’s The Thing: Change Doesn’t Have To Completely Suck

I am not certain we will ever get comfortable with the idea of change, but we have to try.

We have to try because you are not supposed settle. Because life isn’t just a one-dimensional manuscript. Life is full of blank pages and space just waiting to be written. Life is one large collection of changes occurring simultaneously all around us. Some subtle, and some life-altering. Yet, we don’t wake up one day with a new house, a new car, or a new love interest, no, these things occur when we allow for change.

But still, I am not certain we will ever learn to love the idea of change.

Because this means you will be uncomfortable. You will have to work for it, and it is usually the harder choice to choose change. If change were easy, we would all be astronauts at one point in our lives. Maybe it’s not love, but change is usually associated with some kind of bold emotion. It could be excitement, it could be anger, and it could be that it simply just scares the crap out of you. But you must remember, your greatest successes don’t happen when you sit on the couch and do the same couple of actions day after day. They happen when you get your ass up and go after your goals that have been lying dormant in your mind.

Yet, I am not certain change will solve everything.

Because we must not give ourselves these false ultimatums that change will resort in happiness. In many instances yes, change is needed to give us a new set of eyes, a new set of opportunities or outcomes that lead to happiness, but it is not a means of escape. Just because you have the doors to open, please understand why you chose to walk through. Please, don’t change for the wrong reasons. Don’t change if you know it is going to be more harmful for you in the long run. Don’t change, out of anger or out of a temporary feeling without time to think. Change, but think first.

I am certain that change is inevitable to have any kind of progress.

Because that’s how change occurs—when you consciously start working towards something. It sounds obvious, but you are the only person who can control your change, which is contrarily why it’s so difficult. You are the only person who can spark movement great enough to let vulnerability in. That’s the interesting thing about change. It can be the scariest thing in your path, yet the one thing you need the most.

So change or don’t change. Change big or change small, but identify what it is you want, and make a plan on what changes need to occur or not occur to get there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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