Believe In Yourself (Or No One Else Will)

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Nothing screams cheesy Disney Channel Movie like the phrase “believe in yourself”, but there is a reason this phrase has become so mainstream and maybe even redundant. I am telling you that no one will believe in you until you damn well start believing that you are the most capable person there is.

Believe in yourself on the days you feel like a failure. Believe in yourself on the days you feel like giving up – because that means you are just getting closer.

We have the power in any given moment to either believe we can or we cannot.  We have the power to make ourselves feel like a Queen or a King or contrarily, like the dirt on the ground. We have the power to create such a positive image of ourselves yet we allow outside thoughts from others to penetrate this strong armor we have worked so diligently to build.

Believe that you are so determined and strong, that nothing can affect you more than just for a temporary moment.

Your self-image creates your reality. How do you perceive yourself if you were to put down a list of adjectives? And no, they do not all have to be 100% accurate, but if you don’t see success or love or trustworthiness in your own character but plan on having that one day, how do you expect to get there. Not only that but if you don’t believe in those definitions first, it sounds pretty ridiculous to believe others would too?  Most people think that you must already be at this perfect state to act like so. Truth is, you must face it until you make it. You must put on your best self-image and start acting like the successful human you wish to be in years to come.

Believe in yourself, because that’s how the best and most driven humans start.

It’s so tempting to let your mind wander and compare yourself to just about anyone else other than your own self. All it takes is one glance at someone who seems to be doing it better, faster, maybe easier to destroy what you have created internally, but all you can say is ‘so what’. Good for them, sure, but don’t take that as a thought seeming like you cannot do the same. Because you can, and you will, and your mind will help you get there.

Believe in yourself and you might be surprised by the outcome. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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