What It’s Really Like Being A Hopeless Romantic

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When I say those words, some of you may think of unrealistic expectations, too high of standards, or perhaps, someone whom is just flat out delirious.

But if you’re like me, and the deepest part of you still longs for that novelty true romance, well this is for you because us “hopeless romantics” shall remain hopeful.

We are the ones who above all else, believe in the good in people and in the four-letter word we call ‘love’.  Optimism is our virtue when it comes to love, regardless of what we have endured in our past. We try to seek out the positives and chase not just fantasy, but something that will create a partner for life. Seeking out more than just a cheesy game or flirt and chase, and boy meets girl.

To us this is real; we don’t take love or our hearts for granted and we yearn for a romance that would make Nicholas Sparks proud.

It’s a shame, that some people grow up believing that wearing your heart on your sleeve makes you weak, or even worse – embarrassing. Well, to all of the “too-tough-for-love” folks, love is a basic human need and desire and if craving a romantic and an intentional connection makes us lame in your eyes, then damn—I feel sorry for you.

I believe that everyone has a little hopeless romantic in us. Yet, its so barricaded by society, as we live in this fast paced, emotionless world it feels more of a second thought than a necessity. We are told we must hook-up to gain interest, play the game, like their pictures, or whatever else is standard in our modern day form of courting.

But I think deep down, many of us still desire a man or woman to sweep us off our feet with a thoughtful or sweet gesture – not just a series of likes on our photos.

It’s beautiful to me, a human who can equally crave giving love as much as they do receiving love.

Don’t settle for anything less than something that makes your heart beat.

Don’t settle for that half-hearted stuff. Don’t waste your time or your years on something that doesn’t feel right. Love is the most powerful feeling us humans can generate. It lifts us ups, it brings us down, and it makes us do all the crazy things in the world just to be with that person.

Continue being the hopeless romantic that you are. There is nothing cheesy about demanding the best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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