Stop Fearing Your Voice—It’s What Makes You Strong

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I grew up thinking that keeping my thoughts to myself and trying to please others was the better option. I convinced myself that in order to keep a guy or to keep a friendship you must keep your irks and your fears and any of your true thoughts that seemed slightly out of tune, to yourself otherwise it might off put them.

But oh was I wrong. How I have learned that feeling one way or feeling another way is okay. I have learned that you are entitled to your own feelings and thoughts and judgments and unless they are truly harmful or endangering to another, you shouldn’t have to feel like you must mask them in order to be accepted.

It happens in relationships all too often. You put up with treatment knowing something isn’t right but out of fear of losing them, you stay silent. You let the mental abuse drag on because it feels much better to be liked by them than to appear to be difficult. I have stayed silent in many relationships because of this. I let people take an intimate side of me they didn’t deserve because I was too afraid to say what was on my mind.

It wasn’t until I learned the power, the freedom, and the beauty that comes with learning to find your voice, that I started to exude confidence. You should never and I mean never, feel scared of sharing your thoughts to someone whom you claim to love or claims to love you. If the person is worth it, they will work with you and your thoughts no matter how difficult or how upsetting it may be. Fear of communicating with your significant other or item is not normal and do not get in the habit of telling yourself so.

That’s not love. That’s dishonesty.

I hope you gain the strength to realize you do not have to put up with mistreatment and mental entrapment.

Don’t be afraid to speak your truth and don’t be afraid to stand up and leave if nothing’s changing. Because more often than not, they don’t and until they are at peace and at love with themselves, they won’t ever treat you like you wish or deserve. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably for a reason and find your voice to speak up.

Be proud that you have the ability to use that voice of yours and share what’s important to you deep down. Don’t cheat yourself of your truth anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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