Remember: Social Media Does Not Define Your Worth

David Calderón / Unsplash

Repeat after me: You are enough.

Despite every attempt in this judgmental environment, you must understand that your uniqueness and exterior and all of your different parts, are enough.

It’s time to encourage and bring one another up and there is no tolerance for anything less. Nothing hurts my heart more than seeing beautiful girls feel less than due to standards and instances that exist in the world around us. You have bad skin? Clear it and cover it up. You have some extra weight? Lose it. You have small breasts? Buy some. You have cheap clothes? Get designer. The list goes on, on these aspects that could be “better”, and aren’t deemed “enough”.

Social media is an outlet that has the ability to inspire millions, but it also has the ability to tear someone down in seconds. Sure, you see women and men and people who have it all, who look “perfect”, who look like something you have worked at for years. Yet all that you can see is a one-dimensional digital illusion on a small handheld screen.

But too often we obsess with what we aren’t instead of appreciating all that we are.

Being healthy and being beautiful does not have one specific framework that we must mold to. Loving yourself isn’t just saved for those with 100K plus followers on Instagram. Being confident does not begin only once you have achieved every goal In mind. These concepts are all related to how you feel about yourself. Loving yourself is a duty and a must for each and every one of us. Loving yourself is not just a theory but a demand.

We are each a concoction of cells, of memories, of thoughts, of feelings, and a hundred other aspects that are all uniquely our own.

There will always be someone who is skinnier, taller, has more money, has more friends, has more of these attributes we deem to make us better than one another. Yet this couldn’t be farther than the truth. What’s on the outside does not define or label you one way or another.

Make a promise to yourself today to quit comparing yourself with every other being you see. Stop wishing you looked like someone else. Instead of comparing yourself to others, and instead of trying to be like someone else, why not divert that energy to being the best version of YOU? Of the skin you already reside in.

This life is way too short to believe you are anything less than a queen. So shine on beautiful people, and remember, your beautiful soul is more than enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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