Nobody Said The Journey Will Be Easy, But It Will Be Worth It

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I am not exactly where I want to be, or where I want to end and maybe that should upset me, but it doesn’t. Because along this journey, I have realized that it’s not about having everything together in any given moment.

Sometimes it feels like a never-ending race in this world of instant gratification but rest assured, while you see people win, what you don’t see is the dire fails and the numerous attempts it took them to get there.

You must remember that life is a work of progress. It is not a series of destinations but more a series of moments—each one a step closer to where you desire, to this so-called “destination”.

Some days it may feel like all of your hard work is like trying to move places on a treadmill—it feels like no matter how fast or far you run, you are still in the same spot.

Nobody said it will be easy getting there, but you must not let these temporary thoughts stop you.

Why do so many of us give up, at the first sign of defeat? Lean into your fears until they no longer scare you.

Remind yourself that least you are running, and at least you are in motion. Don’t give up and keep making strides because eventually, you will have to make a movement.

We look up to those who are in places that we desire to be in. Maybe its wealth, maybe its love, or maybe its success in some profession, but this does not mean you cannot get there.

There is infinite room for everyone at the top…for as many of us who aim for a certain goal, a certain path, or a certain destination. Do not be afraid of the journey for that’s your first destination.

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