I May Break Sometimes, But I Will Never Be Broken

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Here’s to the ones who can relate to these words: I have been bruised, I have been scratched, and I have been chipped but no, I will never be broken.

You have been hurt before. You have been pushed around. You have made mistakes and you have been let down. Let down by the ones you love, and maybe by the ones whom you never believed could possibly even dent you. Yet, this is what makes your armor. And my dear, just as you were built and wired to progress, you stand up taller and continue to shine because you know a let down is temporary and not a reflection of you.

Here’s to those that see life with eyes wide open, seeing the best in everything and everyone, yet sometimes are left with an unwanted sight.

But we are the real winners because we are not afraid to embrace what’s ahead, the good, the bad, and the unknown. You must know you are lucky you have this gift, that despite all the preconceived knowledge, all the stereotypes, and all the judgments to exist, you choose to see with your own eyes first.

Here’s to the ones that would rather express themselves and face rejection, than possibly act unauthentic.

What a shame it is to ever be frowned upon by others who spend their time putting people down. Yet, the irony of this is that those who spend time putting others down are really just wasting precious energy that they could focus on discovering their own path while they’re busy trying to pick on yours. But as they say, “Lions don’t lose sleep over sheep”, because you know another person’s downpour is only a projection of their own insecurities and internal conflict that they have not yet overcome.

Here’s to those that despite everything, choose to keep your heart wide and your soul pure.

It is easy to want to shut our hearts away at the first crinkle we face. We think, “why should we ever hurt like this”? But this, this is what makes that pumping object in your chest so beautiful and so uniquely powerful. It’s how you evolve and how you become more you. It’s how you learn and it’s how you grow to become a better lover, a better friend, and a better human. Use your heart to guide others who have also been hurt. Show them that continuing to heal and continuing to pick up the pieces is a sign of strength and nothing less.

Yes, sharing your heart is scary, but a life not sharing your heart is even scarier.

No matter how many cracks or scratches or dents you may feel, you will trek on my love because you, you will never be broken. TC mark

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