4 Steps To Achieving A Truly Badass Mindset

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How often do you assess your mindset? If you’re like most of the population, you probably work proactively on your mindset as often as you check your smoke alarm batteries. But our mindset is what drives our being. Our mindset is the most powerful force you can control. Your mindset is what stems every action, every thought, and every word you chose to speak, so here are 4 steps to creating a badass mindset to help you win at life.

1. Don’t be afraid to fail

Walt Disney was fired from his newspaper job at 22, Elon Musk got fired as CEO of PayPal, and Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard. Point is, you are not always going to get it right the first time, but you must TRY. Fear is all in your mind and letting that take control of your actions and preventing you from going out and doing something that will make you great, is only harming yourself. Think about something you wish you could do but are “fearful” of what others might think, or fearful of not being good enough. But the truth is you already know the worst that can happen is just having to try again, right? If that is the WORST that can happen, stop letting fear control your mind! Get out there and try.

2. Focus on the good

Building a strong mindset does not mean you are immune to the crappy parts of life. It means that you are capable of focusing your energy elsewhere on what is going to improve your life and get you to where you dream of being. Brush yourself off and stand tall—your mindset will thank you.

3. You create your own self-image

There’s a made-up belief that you need recognition or approval from others to feel full, but news flash, until you learn to love yourself wholeheartedly and be your own biggest fan, no praise or compliments will ever really resonate. You cannot rely on anyone else to define your self-worth and image. You must believe that you are beautiful, confident, powerful, and smart and you must believe that before anyone else will.

4. Do something to grow your mind every day

Just as you feed your body, you must feed your mind too. Don’t expect yourself to become smarter, or better by never exposing yourself to new material. We live in an era where information is accessible at our fingertips so go read the book that’s been sitting on your shelf. Talk to an expert in a field you are interested in. Practice yoga, and meditation. Build up your mind just as you would your muscles. Grow your mindset big and strong and work on it every single day.

Now go out there and achieve what you want, with that badass mindset of yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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