This Is What Happens When you Aren’t Afraid Of Your Feelings

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I am not afraid to feel. I am not afraid to let my feelings be worn on me like a sweater. To feel is to live, yet we put up so many barriers and walls to try and hide them and convince ourselves feelings don’t always exist.

But feelings are the foundation of our being; they’re what separate us from any other living species on this earth. From a horse to a human, the difference is that we are given the ability to feel and to create thoughts from experiences around us. Why would we hinder ourselves from this gift we have?

The best memories in our life were moments of time where our feelings were at their peak. Think back to a time you were happiest—maybe it was the beach, maybe with your first love, maybe it was a good meal, and maybe it was something small or big in your life.  Point is, these memories were all outcomes of the way you felt, when you weren’t afraid to feel.

Maybe it’s the times that we felt the lowest, that made us scared to feel again. Maybe it’s the memories that brought out our worst selves, that add a brick to your imaginary wall.

If you’re looking for a secret to never feel low again—give up. There is nothing I can say in this short piece of writing that will turn every negative thought and emotion off. But I can promise you this: to feel fully and unapologetically is to live the most beautiful and authentic life.

Be thankful that you wear your heart on your sleeve. Be thankful that you react to how people make you feel from when someone made you laugh so hard you cry, to when you were hurt and you thought you would never overcome it.

Because you are not afraid to feel so freely and so boldly, you are the kind of human to only try and put out positive emotions to the world. Because you know what it’s like to be hurt and feel low.

There’s an equilibrium to life that makes it so contradicting-ly beautiful. We must accept the balance of the lows and the highs to appreciate the natural contrast of the two. It’s what you feel that defines what you will think. It’s what you feel that sparks inspiration, and your will.

You must feel from the high end of happiness to the lowest of lows to recognize our own vulnerabilities and appreciate the wins and the losses. And that, makes you strong.

Now I challenge you to never stop feeling and not just the extremes, but the ‘in-betweens’ too.

Feel stupid at times, feel sexy, feel confident, feel sad, and don’t forget to feel it ALL.

Because life is too short, and our feelings are what add color to this seemingly dull world. TC mark


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