The Best People Are Those Who Aren’t Afraid To Be Wrong

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Here’s a thought: Stop listening to yourself so often.

Before you doubt me saying that’s the most obscene thing you have ever heard, I want you to think about this: you shouldn’t listen to yourself, not often at least.

Ever since our first couple of adolescent thoughts as a child, to our current hectic interactions, to sensations around us, to emotions we feel, and to anything we are ever aware of in this life, only exist in our own “internal mind.” And when any interaction happens to us, we look to our “internal mind” and to our past experiences as building blocks on how we proceed to act.

Every reaction and every response we make is based on only this small fraction of information we store in our brains.

Because of this, we stick to the known too often.

Think about a time when you were last genuinely upset about something someone did. You may have handled these emotions by putting a halt on any rational thinking by avoiding confrontation and blocking out people who care about you because you are in this negative state. Because well, in this time, you believe your actions are right and therefore the other person is “wrong.”

We all handle emotions differently but the point is, there is probably a pattern. The first thing that comes to your mind is to listen to your gut and act out. Whether your method is to be hurtful to another, to tell them they’re wrong, or to maybe even hide away from everyone and be alone in your sorrow—you have more than likely acted this way times before.

Giving up the need to listen to your first instinct in times like this and being “wrong,” can help us become more understanding and more humble as beings.

We seek avoidance rather than risking discomfort.

It is kind of an eerie thought, to think you are the only person to internalize the experiences we live. But by constantly reacting with our comfortable autopilot actions, we are not thinking, we are not even rationalizing – we’re just doing without even taking the chance to seek alternatives.  We are not expanding ourselves, we are relying on what we know, which realistically is not always right.

This is why you shouldn’t listen to yourself. You are allowing yourself to settle in a never-ending cycle by constantly thinking you are right.

Why would we always be right? Being right is subjective and objective being that only your own individual brain can define what is right.

Who defines right anyway? Certainly not one single mind out of the billions of humans to exist.

Silly, right? Of course we’re going to act poorly considering this; we only see what we want to see. Stretch yourself to look for new ways of thinking and new ways that make feel uncomfortable.

One of the most difficult but most rewarding concepts for any breathing human being is accepting when you are wrong. But I challenge you to be wrong every day. It means that you are learning and growing. Sometimes pain and humiliation are necessary in order to grow and succeed in the future.

Challenge yourself, stop listening to yourself all the time, and don’t be afraid to be wrong. TC mark

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