22 Perfect Reasons To Travel By The Time You’re 22

1. Autonomy. You’re finally over the legal drinking age, but now what? Go out and explore a new territory. You might be surprised at what you learn about yourself.

2. Blank slate. There’s relief in knowing that you have the ability to write the rest of your story.

3. Break from social media. You are no longer on your phone 24/7 updating every from of social media. You learn to embrace the present without constant FOMO from social media.

4. Reward from hardship. There are times you’re going to want to give up because you believe the journey’s difficult. However, accomplishing your end goal is much more rewarding when you look back at what you had to go through.

5. New perspective. Experiencing a different culture helps open your eyes to new perspectives.

6. Appreciation. You learn to appreciate everything you have back at home. (family and friends).

7. Gain independence. You realize your mom and dad are no longer at your back door able to help you instantaneously. Independence comes from being able to problem solve on your own.

8. Unexpected friendships. When you’re in a completely new environment, friendships are often formed through proximity. You build relationships with people you would typically never think you would have.

9. Adrenaline rush. You learn to say yes to experiences you would normally never agree to.

10. Romance. As Taylor Swift would say, “…everything will be alright if you keep me next to you.” It’s easier to open up to someone you’re attracted to in an unfamiliar environment.

11. FOOD. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than trying new food from other cultures and instantly obsessing over it.

12. & Alcohol…no further explanation.

13. Endless photo ops. You’re never running out of gorgeous scenery for perfect photos.

14. Reflect & relax. Moments to yourself become more valuable as you have time to reflect on each and every memory made.

15. New hobbies. You find yourself picking up hobbies along the way.

16. Finding your way. It’s inevitable you’re going to get lost at some point while traveling. Part of the excitement is finding your way, or exploring something new from the detour.

17. Learning a language. Whether it’s a completely new language, or even slang, it’s crucial to be able to communicate with others of a different culture.

18. Stories. To tell others and to pass down to younger generations.

19. Scenery. It could be deserts – mountains – or even oceans. Either way, the scenery is going to be something you’ve never seen before.

20. Budgeting money. You learn how to manage your expenses when you’re the one funding the trip.

21. Youth. Now is the time to experience life by traveling before working a full-time job.

22. Freedom = endless possibilities. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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