No One’s Coming, And That’s A Blessing

Let’s do a little exercise.

I want you to take a moment and allow yourself to feel your ultimate fear.

A fear of the unknown, a fear of failure, a fear of standing in the sun, or whatever it may be. Feel it, face this fear of yours. Take a deep breath and feel your fear.

Imagine you have reached that ultimate fear and you have fully disappointed everyone around you. Everyone you love or value is now seeing what you have strived to avoid.

Now what?

Do you retreat and succumb to this fear? Do you cause a scene and fight for the validation of others? Or do you simply do nothing?

If you allow the fear to arrive you have the ability to disempower it. You have the strength and experience to live beyond it and not because of it. The tools are there and it’s time to dust them off. How amazing would it feel to accept this power you’ve been suppressing?

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you realize no one’s coming. No one is coming to rescue you, guide you, or pull you from your disappointment. Because let’s be real, even if they were, that disappointment would be embedded into your DNA to the point where only you can bring yourself to ascend beyond it.

No one’s coming and they shouldn’t. You are capable, resilient, and beautiful. In order to rise to the occasion of your life, there needs to be a disappearance of the filter you have been looking through. The one that tricks you into believing the fear and if you fall someone will help you stand back up.

Let this be a call to action because failure is not the ultimate fear, it is inaction. The ultimate fear is doing nothing. So, rise up. No one’s coming and you don’t need them to.

I wrote songs as a kid and named myself JLEE because JLO was taken.

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