The Joy Of Slowing Down

The world has slowed down. And so have I.

I have given more time to listening—listening to my heart, to the new season before me, and to the One who loves unconditionally. In these moments, I trade chaos for contentment. These are the moments when my steps sing in joy. These are the moments when my true, genuine, and honest self comes to be.

In stillness, I grasp just how much I too often run throughout my days. I come to understand how little I stop to catch my breath. This truth makes my heart grow sad. It turns feeble because I know I am not meant to live my life like this.

The more and more I pray about my pace, I come to accept that it has led me nowhere. In the busyness, I have only found emptiness. But in slowness, I have only found abundance. I have only discovered promise. I have only believed in more and more grace.

When I look back on my memories, I only wish to look back on the slow, simple, and gentle times. I pray I only ever choose my peace over my plan. Now, there is nothing more valuable to me than pursuing harmony through heavenly affirmation rather than worldly acceptance.

The world is always in constant motion. And too often, I mimic its wavering stride. I try to keep up with its uncertainty and imbalance, yet find myself failing in its midst every time. In still and quiet prayers, I come to honor how I was never meant to pursue anything but pure, honest, and heartfelt rest—the kind that leads me to the path I was always meant to walk and the story I was always meant to live. Truly, no good thing is rushed to exhaustion, so I shouldn’t either.

Living a quiet life.

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