This Is What It Feels Like To Hit Rock Bottom

Unsplash / Ben Warren
Unsplash / Ben Warren

Welcome to Rock Bottom
Take a seat
You’re in good company

What you’ll find here is not out of the ordinary
We are regular folks just like you
Come sit on this floor
It is not comfortable
Or airy
Or dry
But it is all we have to offer
So just sit
Let’s all breathe this in together

You can bring your things here
Your hurts, your habits, your hangups
But you cannot take them with you when you go
Some things have to be shed on this hard ground

You can try to climb your way out of here
You can clamor
And pine
And will yourself up off of this floor
Just know you are only prolonging your stay
The only way out
Is to be still

There’s not a lot to do here
There’s not a lot to say
We are just here
Existing together
Inhaling together
Surviving together
And just listening to the heart beats on this floor
Somehow makes the stay bearable

You are not alone, dear one
There have been many before you
And there will be many after you
No one escapes this ground

You cannot escape
You cannot change what brought you here
So allow yourself to be uncomfortable
Allow yourself to release control
Stop counting the days
And marking your grievances
Because one day
Maybe in a week
Maybe in a year
You’ll look around and realize
the ground beneath you has risen
That Rock Bottom has been exchanged
For rolling hills
And tumbling mountains

Something has lifted you out
So sit, friend.
Enjoy the stillness.
Your stay will always be temporary. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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