This Is What You Should Focus On If You Are Heartbroken


I know you have this pain that time is taking so long to take away. You once have a past that seems the darkest from all the pasts you can imagine. You are lost. Thoroughly lost from the idea of building trust once again, lost from the thought of believing the idea of love and romance. Yes you are in pain, a kind of pain that you manage to hide every single day from the censorious eye of every person you’ve met. You lost the battle between the freedom from doubt and uncertainty. And now you see yourself as a worthless unlovable woman. You are thinking that no one would dare to love a kind of woman like you.

Why? Just why in the world would this question sprout from everyone’s mind when it should not. Not from anybody else and most of all not from you. The pain that caused you to be thinking that way will soon be melted away. Just remember the pain, remember how it felt, remember each agonizing night when all you can do is blankly stare at the wall and wishes to feel nothing, when the tears just dried up in your eyes and to cry becomes your passion every night–in every cold lonely night.

Try to forget the anger and hatred for the person who caused you to be that way but remember the suffering, the anguish and the feeling of grieving. Why? Because it would simply make you stronger and wiser that when time once again comes that everything seems to be difficult and tough, you will know how to handle it differently. It would get a little bit rough and bumpy but you will get out of it just perfectly fine. You will be forced to be stretched significantly but you’ll come out of it unwavered, relentless and unyielding. Gauze the cuts, treat the bruises and scrapes, erase the person from your thoughts who left you wounded and incapacitated. The more you touch it, the deeper the gash it may get so run away from it but take it to your trip down on memory lane. Try not to lose sight of it until the time comes that you are no longer being affected by it and its affliction.

You are far, far better than this. Aren’t you excited with the fact of being contented and happier one day than the way you are now? Just the thought of the days when all the hurts and sufferings gone, moves me each day, you can do that too! You are an amazing person with a great personality, don’t let those deep stabs define you. Time will be a foe, your greatest rival but it is also the very one you need to recover, to restore whatever has been broken.

Embrace the marks, accept the damages and be used to it. Everything will be mended naturally. Don’t be afraid. Today is your day one. Heal your heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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