3 Signs The Only Thing He Wants From You Is A One Night Stand


Nowadays, it’s easy to overanalyze every single text or movement a guy makes. I mean, for all you know, his end game could either be a beeline to your heart or to your pants with no in-between. Here are three signs he’s only interested in a one night stand rather than an actual relationship.

1. He completely 180s after you won’t sleep with him

Standards for us ladies can be so low nowadays, such as “Omg! He texted me back within 24 hours… what a gentleman.” So when you finally meet someone who literally sweeps you off your feet so you don’t have to walk that extra ten steps around a puddle, you feel like you’ve finally hit the jackpot. But beware, if his behavior goes from Jekyll to Hyde once he realizes he won’t be getting lucky tonight, steer clear.

2. He keeps trying to get you to go to his place on the sly

If his Friday night date suggestions slowly creep from grabbing a drink or five at that bar across the street to Netflix/HBO Go/Hulu and chill, he’s as far from romantic as deciding it’s only a genius idea to bring his buddies along to a date. Plus, let’s be real. A fun date at an escape room isn’t really fun if the room you’re trying to escape is his bedroom. Next.

3. He manages to emerge from the dead only after the clock strikes 12

If you genuinely have to wonder if the guy you went on a date with last Thursday is actually a real life human being on this Planet Earth because you haven’t heard from him all week, he’s not looking to get serious anytime soon. If he ceases to exist during sunlight hours, he is either a Walking Dead wannabe or is only interested in late night booty calls. Hard pass.

Remember, if you’re looking for something more than a hookup, you don’t want a one night stand. You want to find the other night stand to complete your set to get one step closer to achieving your bedroom Pinterest goals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Jenifer is a single 20-something originally from the East Coast who eventually made the big move to California after college.

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