The 5 Life-Changing Lessons You Learn From The 5 The Phases Of Love

From young love

That young love is a beautiful innocence – letting yourself build a space in someone’s heart with naïve craftsmanship. Cherish it while it lasts, because from then on you begin to see a world without blinders.

From physical love

That you shouldn’t have given yourself so easily to someone who made your walls so hard, allowing yourself to believe his perfectly crafted lies so that he could sneak into your bed just once more. But you never planned on seeing a last time with him just around the corner.

From real love

That your first real, actual, painstakingly tangible love is a million times worth it. They say you’re lucky if your first love is your last, but that is rarely the case. You never knew what it was like to accept all of a person until you met him. You also never knew the depth of pain you could feel from loss.

From forced love

That anything that starts fast, ends fast. That it’s better to allow a relationship to naturally grow rather than forcing it. Love shouldn’t need to be proven with meaningless and silly statuses on social media. What really matters is the person standing in front of you.

From future love

That you should be able to get through the hard times, but overall love should be easy. What it feels like to be able to completely let go and be yourself around someone, knowing they’ll accept all of you, is real love. When things go awry, you can trust they will embrace you until your problems seem to melt away. And when things are high, you can trust that through the push and the pull, this bond might truly last. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Jenifer is a single 20-something originally from the East Coast who eventually made the big move to California after college.

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