8 Traits You Need To Adopt To Become A True Gentleman

Being a male does not really guarantee that the boy will turn out to be an exemplary gentleman. Parents around the world invest unlimited resources and time for the development of their son’s personality and spend unlimited money to get him educated. But, instilling the traits of a gentleman into a boy is something that is much more important than anything else.

Take a look at the following few traits that are found in noble man, and take note of where you need to focus a bit more while polishing yourself as a man or your son. A true gentleman:

1. Keeps His Words

That is right. No matter what the cost, he follows all his commitments and is truly a man of his word. He does not care much about what others think or do; he does what is right. A gentleman’s actions always reflect the best of him and who he chooses to be.

2. Opens The Door For A Woman, Always!

Chivalry is not dead, yet. A nobleman is always concerned about giving due respect to ladies. He does not think that holding or opening doors for woman is an act of condescension, but he is of the opinion that all women should be treated with courtesy. Opening or holding doors is not just limited to office or household doors but he also holds the door while a lady sits inside a car.

3. Looks After His Appearance

A gentleman knows exactly how to dress up for different occasions and events. He knows the appropriate clothing style for every place he goes to. Not just a well-dressed person accomplishes all his goals with his personality but the way he carries himself opens numerous doors to opportunities too. A noble man is also very cautious when it comes to good hygiene.

4. Allows ‘Ladies First’ – No Matter What The Situation Is

The biggest trait of a noble man is that he puts the need of women first than his own. Be it ordering food at the restaurant, standing in a long queue at the bank or waiting in the long line to use the restroom at a crowded place; true gentleman offers women to go ahead first. No gender is more superior to the other but giving respect to women is the most appreciated quality in a man.

5. Never Runs Late

It is not very nice to make someone wait for you. Do not, in any case, stay under the impression that you can increase your worth by arriving late at an event or meeting. Same goes for when you plan to meet a woman; not a single woman on this planet likes to wait. A gentleman always plans ahead for problems like traffic jams, filling in the gas tank, etc. There is just no excuse for running late.

6. Demonstrates Respect And Sincere Compliments

An honourable man shows responsibility, restraint and respect in his interactions. One of the important traits of being a gentleman is to pay good compliments to others and make them smile, especially if it is a woman you are interacting with. Sincere compliments are the simplest way for making someone’s day.

7. Thinks Realistically

Where people run away from reality, a noble man sees and tackles everything keeping reality in mind. He lives far away from the fantasy land, and he strives hard to make things work out in the most practical manner.

8. Takes Care Of The Seating Arrangement For Ladies

The noblest of men pay attention to details like this. Women are meant to be respected, and good gentlemen go out of their way to treat them in a manner that makes them feel special. Stand up if they walk in a room, give up your seat to offer them one, and most importantly, pull out their chair before they sit and gently push it when they bend their knees to sit.

A true gentleman does not get his strength at a fitness club or gym, but the strength of a noble man is reflected through his integrity and strong character. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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