30 Excuses For Taking A Gap Semester In College

For when people undoubtedly ask.

1. My brain needs an 8 month long holiday.

2. I am joining a nudist colony.

3. I want to recreate “Eat, Pray, Love” for myself.

4. I am starting my own clothing line.

5. I am going to try my hand at Twinkie sculpture constructing.

6. I realized that I don’t have any hobbies and need to develop a hobby—maybe come to appreciate fishing, golf, or bowling.

7. ’m starting my own food truck business.

8. I’m going to travel from festival to festival to experience the world.

9. I’m going to LA to pursue my acting career.

10. I’m moving to Vegas to become a mime.

11. I’m writing my memoirs.

12. I’m becoming a professional wedding crasher.

13. I’m training for a marathon.

14. I’m going to get a massage all day everyday for the next 8 months because my body has just like, been through a lot of stress, you know?

15. I’m going to become a professional Ping-Pong player.

16. I’m cast on the next season of “The Real World.”

17. I decided that it was a better use of my time to read every book in the public library near my house this semester and gain a broader appreciation for literature.

18. I’m going to fix up and refurbish a car—ideally a double decker bus.

19. I’m going to build houses in an impoverished country.

20. I am going to live off the land and go into the wild.

21. I want to build a corn maze before I turn 21.

22. I’m learning to speak to whales.

23. I’m going to hike the entirety of the Appalachian Trail.

24. I’m joining a gang of LARPers.

25. I’m going to start a phenomenon.

26. I am going to become a YouTube sensation.

27. I am on a quest to tackle every food challenge I can find.

28. I am recording my debut album.

29. I am visiting all 50 states and doing something meaningful in each one.

30. I am joining a group of soccer hooligans and traveling with them across Europe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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