25 Signs You Are Dating A Financially-Savvy Woman


A thrifty woman knows that sacrifices need to be made- and that sacrifice should never be her (or her man’s) credit score.

It’s important for a man to know if his woman has good spending habits before popping the big question- will you have a joint checking account with me?

Why? Because arguments over finances is one of the top reasons for breakups and divorce. Money is a sensitive issue, especially when a couple merges their finances (both debts and savings) into the “our money” pot. Depending on how each person handles their money, that pot can quickly become a money pit, skyrocketing stress levels and majorly impacting a couples’ lifestyle and goals.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to really have a grasp on someone’s spending habits until finances are actually merged. Sure, you can look for warning signs, like debt, to see if a person is fiscally responsible- but debt isn’t always a fair gauge. Today’s economy is tough and debt can easily come from student loans or poor decisions made in youthful ignorance. The key is to look at a woman’s spending and saving habits now to know if she will make good financial decisions as the relationship moves forward.

So, what are some signs that your woman has good spending habits now and is more interested in you than your wallet? Well, if she saves money by eliminating minor indulgences and prioritizes long-term investments- you have a big, fat green light that she is a financially savvy investor.

What are some other signs that your woman is a thrifty saver (and not a financial leach) who cares more about you than your wallet?

1. She cooks meals at home. She’s concerned not only about saving money by making meals at home, but she’s also worried about her (and your) overall health. A homemade smoothie with fresh ingredients for breakfast and a homemade soup for lunch is much healthier (and cost effective) than a breakfast sandwich from McDonalds and an overpriced burrito from Chipotle.

2. She buys store brand. Whether or not you have the money to buy the real deal isn’t the point. The point is that store brands are typically exactly the same as their name brand counterpart, and saving money never goes out of style.

3. She loves DIY projects. She is one resourceful girl who loves to find creative ways to save money on every day household items. From staining a dresser to printing & framing her own pictures to making her own soap- if she can do it on her own, she won’t pay someone else to do it for her.

4. She paints her nails at home. It may seem like a minor thing, but weekly nail salon visits can really add up. It is a VERY positive sign if your lady love is taking the time to paint her own nails at home rather than paying someone else to do them for her.

5. She searches for groupon deals. This chick knows how to get out on a budget. She doesn’t let her lack of finances stop her from going out to fancy dinners and mini vacations- she just has the patience to wait for the right GROUPON deal to come along.

6. She doesn’t pamper herself. Weekly facials, shoe shopping sprees, and massages all fall under the needless pampering department. Thrifty women know that they don’t need to go out to pamper themselves, but rather find ways to indulge at home. The best part about dating this type of woman? She may even give you a massage (if you’re willing to give a massages back!)

7. She enjoys watching netflix as much as being wined & dined. You don’t need to take her out on a pricey date every weekend to show your love, because she’s just as happy curling up with you on the couch and binge-watching House of Cards.

8. If she wants it, she pays for it. She understands that work isn’t always easy- because she works too. She’s not asking you to help her out, she’s asking if you want to go out- because this is the 21st century, dammit, and women can ask out men.

9. She spends as much on you as she does on herself. A surefire way to know if a woman cares is by seeing if she thinks about you as much as she thinks about herself when making purchases. If she skipped out to get ice cream did she come home with beer for you too? Did she pick you up socks when she was shopping at Target because she heard you say you needed them?

10. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. You can find her painting the bathroom or washing her car on the weekend because this is one low-maintenance chick who doesn’t mind when things get a bit messy. Want to impress her? Get right in there and grab a paintbrush!

11. She offers to pay for dinners. A woman who can manage her finances can also manage to pay for dinners as well. If a woman is offering to pay for the bill you can be sure that she is putting more than a financial investment into the relationship.

12. She saves a percentage of every paycheck. If a woman can’t curb her spending and save her own money, what makes you think that she’ll save yours?

13. Instead of paying for cable, she watches Netflix. Finding creative ways to save money but still enjoy the simple pleasures of life is essential for continuing to save on a consistent basis. Cutting out your cable bill while still enjoying your favorite shows is one of the many ways a prudent woman can upgrade your savings.

14. She owns an affordable, fuel friendly car. Because she cares more about having money than looking like she has money.

15. She doesn’t have a stifling gym membership. There are plenty of ways to work out without having a gym membership that costs as much as your rent. Whether she does P90X at home, jogs around the local park, or utilizes her apartment’s gym- there are plenty of ways she can get her swell on without depleting her savings.

16. She doesn’t buy coffee every day. Not only does she not drink all her daily calories first thing in the morning by ordering a daily frappamochacarmelchino, but she grinds her own coffee at home and work.

17. She saves money on weekly groceries. She is willing to give up her time to save money by either waking up early and checking out her local farmer’s market or growing fresh veggies in her very own garden.

18. She’ll throw on a sweatshirt before turning on the heat. Propose the second you see your lady throw on her your old high school sweatshirt, because she’s a keeper.

19. If she doesn’t need it, she doesn’t buy it. Having the self-control to not buy everything you want (especially if you don’t need it) isn’t always easy, but these frugal ladies have the discipline to resist even the most enticing purchases.

20. She loves low-cost outings. You won’t have to wait until your payday to go out with this lady, because she’s content with whipping up some sandwiches and heading out for a hike or a bike ride for your big date.

21. She’s not embarrassed to buy a cute top at target. There’s no shame in this lady’s game!

22. She never goes over her phone data plan. Even if she has the lowest data plan available, because she’s a responsible adult -conscience about her minutes, restrictions, and obligations.

23. She doesn’t get her ‘hair did’ every week. And she still looks good, because she straightens her hair herself- so don’t be a butt when she’s taking too long in the bathroom.

24. She’s worried about what “we” need. As you move forward as a couple, thinking about what “I” need should start to shift to what “we” need. If that shift isn’t happening, alarm bells should start going off.

25. She knows how to invest. She understands how to diversify and allocate money to increase returns on investments- you will WANT to put your money in her financially-capable hands.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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