I Should Have Let My Dad Listen To Smash Mouth

Astro Lounge

Oh my god, dad stop texting me. “We have the concert tonight” “Can you get out of work early?” “Ask your boss if you can leave at 5.” “Please ask” “Are you leaving yet?” “Please get home by 7” Ugh, why am I rushing out of work just so I could go to this concert? My dad needs to calm down. I didn’t even know that these bands were still around at this time. Sugar Ray and Smashmouth still touring around? How is that even possible? I can’t believe I let him in on Smashmouth when I was 12. Sure, they had some awesome hit songs back in the 90’s. And I was totally into them too back in the day. It’s quite embarrassing how almost every time we’re on the road he puts in the cassette, (YES, CASSETTE) of Sugar Ray and Smashmouth. Jeez, what are you wearing?! Can you stop being such an embarrassing dad? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this excited for anything at all. For a band. From the 90’s. Which my dad knows only 3 songs. Which most likely they will play. Ugh, this is so dumb. My friends are laughing at my demise on Twitter. Wow, this place is legit. But this is awkward. This is a place you would take someone on date. Oh man, I’m on a date with my dad. Wow, someone actually just complimented on his Tiger button down shirt. Don’t give me that look. It’s still obnoxious as you’re wearing your orange pants with it. Wow, we have loge seats. At least we’re not standing like those suckers. Who are these bands? I don’t know if I know them. Oh wait, I KNOW THIS SONG. WOW, I feel like I’m 12 again. Mark McGrath is adorable being the host of this event. Dang, Sugar Ray is bringing it back with all of these hits! I’m totally rocking out. Dang it, I’m actually really enjoying myself. Ah! There’s Smash Mouth! Yes! I love All Star! Wow, I almost lost my voice. Haha, you’re almost deaf because of the speakers. It feels good to be young again. Whether you’re 24 or 53. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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