Love Heals Hurting Hearts

 Sasha Freemind
Sasha Freemind

Everyone knows the feeling of being broken. It hurts to the core.  You cannot smile like you used to. You want to forget a lot of things and wish to literally have an “undo” button in order to be back to your normal self. You experience mixed emotions of sorrow and anger.  You know you are never whole. You are never the same.

Just when you have decided to let go and convinced yourself that you are better off alone, you will meet someone who will make you melt. It is one ironic day that cupid pays you a visit and he decides to make you his victim. All of a sudden love creeps in and you are scared. Your heart is never ready but you start to doubt the decision of no longer taking a chance at romance.

You tried to deny and even fight the feeling. You think that loving again is foolish as it is fleeting. The thought of it goes on and on and you want to define the feeling. After finding the one, you then realize that you can never say no to love.

Love is tremendously powerful. It is a mysterious force that makes or breaks us. Hearts that are in pain still recognize love and the fresh feeling that it brings as it again introduces its new version. It saves you from the cycle of devastation. Loving pacifies fears and you know within your heart that you will truly get better, in time with love. You want change, so you finally give love a chance.

You might not get to experience the same love twice but at times, the trauma from your former love will haunt your new one. The pain will be so familiar that you might want to run away from it, ruin your new love and be unfair but still, only love will keep you alive and well. The perfect prescription for your condition is an increased dose of love.

It is never easy but when you open your heart to love. Patience and persistence is required. As love sinks to your being, it overwhelms you like magic and eventually,fulfills its goal, that is to make you whole.

Just learn to let go. Leave the love of the past and live the love that you have in your hands. Enjoy and appreciate what you have now, every kiss and every embrace.  With genuine love comes hope and healing to broken hearts. Have faith. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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