30 Posts I Never Blogged

1. ‘Beth’ – discussion of a story, its origins, changes over years

2. ‘How Kissy Kissy Was Named’ – thoughts on abandoned novels

3. ‘Verbal Threats’ – how people treat me/others around me will influence their ‘character’

4. ‘Advice To A Young Jeffrey Ellinger’ – use picture from summer in Austin

5. ‘Who Is The Most Attractive Hipster Essayist?’– Molly Young v Megan Boyle v Sloane Crosley and so on

6. ‘Books You Should Read’ – Brian Moore, Ōe, Maeve, and so on

7. ‘Booty Got Swag, And Smarts’ – commentary on bottoms of intelligent women

8. Post the first paragraph of every great novel

9. ‘How Love is Transferable’

10. Select passages from Short Stories folder and use them somehow

11. ‘Books I Am Most Looking Forward To Reading From My Library Holds List’

12. ‘Top Things That Cause Writer’s Block’ – anxiety, depression, okcupid

13. Commentary/feelings while listening to “I’ve Been Thinking About You” as a little boy

14. ‘Writer’s Fuel’ – pic of Kit Kat/Cherry Coke

15. ‘Why Breaking The Waves Is Maybe The Best Movie Of The 90s’

16. ‘Things I Am Sorry For’

17. ‘Mix Of Sexy Songs’ – “I Love U In Me” – Prince, and so on

18. ‘The Arrogance Of Writers I’ve Known’

19. ‘List of People I’ve Kissed’

20. ‘List of People I Wish I Would Have Kissed’

21. ‘Discussion Of Errors In Lovers Of Salvation’ – thoughts on the difficulty of creating something valuable/lasting

22. Passage from Reunion – ‘I hoped that someone would see us together. I wished that we could be photographed. I wanted some record of our having been together,’ and why that is so good

23. ‘Majors I Wish Would Have Majored In’ – investigation into majors I thought about taking up but never did, their advantages, both socially and financially

24. ‘How To Say Goodbye’ – Magnetic Fields and memory of driving in Nebraska while working at the group home, being in love with Megan

25. ‘Dark Come Soon’ – similar idea, this time Tegan and Sara and driving to Bellingham with Anne

26. ‘I Want to Be A Book’ – something like “I wish I were a book. You could flip through my pages, study me carefully, discover my secrets…”

27. ‘Story of Rose’ – discussion of work at drug factory

28. Why lit houses/journals are sometimes brilliant but often terrible and apt to promote bad writing because of nepotism/incest/etc

29. ‘List of CDs I Am Most Looking Forward To Receiving From My Library Hold List’ – similar to book hold idea

30. ‘List of Lists’ – discussion of this list Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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