How To Overcome Your Deepest Fear, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Fear, the wicked beast that shackles you with worry, luring you to your heart’s desires only to yank you back to square one with feverish delight. It is the state of mind that is so destructive, yet so human that we are unable to detach ourselves completely from it. Fear clouds our minds with illusion, engulfing us with an obscurity that only the Muses can chuckle over as we weave our own fate, blindly.

I’ve never been one to wave the white flag without a fight.

All humans contain an inner magic, an endless power cell of purity, a penetrating life force. This of course, comes from The Sun, and its position in the sky when you were born, blessing you with sacred powers that just need to be harnessed.

Yes, I mean your “Sun Sign” or “Zodiac Sign.” Once you tap into this energy, you will discover the root of your conscious mind. Is that a peaceful oasis, a sacred pool of vitality, or an awe-inspiring volcanic eruption of glory?

Let’s get to fighting.


With feisty Mars as your ruling planet, you will always be blessed with initiative courage. Fear may leave you moody, confused, and kicking your feet at the dirt asking, “What is the point?” Sweet Aries, your power comes from the charge, the battle, and the passion. Recognize that you are an inextinguishable flame – a force to be reckoned with. Only then will you discover that defeating fear is just a straight charge away.


My lovely Earthly beauty, with a pride for your stubbornness and grounding energy, you may only want to move when prodded. Center yourself in Nature, and hold the dirt in your hands. You will realize that the Earth is constantly moving, active with new life. Sweet Taurus, my answer for you is to not allow Fear to stand upon the same Earth that you do every single day. You control the landscapes. You control the ebb and flow of the world.


With Mercury as your ruling planet, and Air as your element, you are truly the only sign able to transit from Heaven to Hell with ease. With a knack for higher though and discovery, sometimes it’s necessary to recruit evil, to defeat evil itself. Your adaptability is unmatched. Rationalize the fear, and then deliver a finishing blow with a sly smirk.


Ruled by the Moon, you are the tides. Known to be one of the most emotionally potent signs of the Zodiac, you are able to persevere through any emotional strife. Fear has never had a friend, or a warm meal. Fear has never seen the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s up to you to persuade Fear that it has no place in your tender heart. A bit abstract? Your determination is a deluge to wipe away the worry.


You are ruled by The Sun, the same energy that holds your hidden power. How can you truly identify your fears to defeat them if you never walk outside during the moonlight? Your creative and cheerful vibe will be able to demolish your fear once you walk away from your palace. Your shine isn’t just bright – it can be subtle too.


Fear uses the dirty details to attempt to destroy you. Your purity and practicality is your unwavering friend. With Mercury in your court, you must realize that taking care of your fear is just as important as taking care of anything, or anyone else. Once you channel your unmatched, dynamic loyalty, the fear will dissipate.


My dear Venusian beauty, the ultimate power of perspective is your strength. You are the divine law of the land and the harmonious peacekeeper. Is it fair that Fear gets so much air time? I didn’t think so. Get out your gavel, and play devil’s advocate until Fear retreats. Your beauty will shine in the land for eternity.


My Plutonian powerhouse. My magnetic mirage. You have the power to shift landscapes with a single word, and control lovers with a single kiss. How have you allowed Fear to stay with you for so long? Recognize that you have the power to transform the universe. You must shed your skin to regenerate and rest. To let go of past pain.


With lady luck always smiling upon you, no other sign can match your expansive nature. You are the true adventurer. With a clever sense of humor and ideas that can carry you over mountains, the key to defeating Fear is realizing that a quest takes time. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time along the way.


My beautiful, self-controlled game master. The ball is always in your court. After all, you made all the rules. With structured Saturn as your divine ruler, you have difficulties freeing yourself from the responsibilities of the universe which weigh heavily on your shoulders. In order to oust fear, you must surrender yourself to it. Only then will it be close enough to you to destroy.


My stunning humanitarian and independent extraordinaire, you love to fight for a good cause for the betterment of everyone. Fear tries to lace you in emotional expression, to which you’ve dodged again and again. You are the progressive energy of the Zodiac, raising our overall consciousness to transcend Fear in all fields of existence. You must be your own best friend. You must fight for yourself.


My Neptunian void, you are the release point of all of the energy in the universe. It may burden you at times and make you feel Fear in its extremes, but please know – there is nothing more powerful, there is nothing more gentle, there is nothing more wholesome, than love. Due to the universal laws, Fear has no choice but to dissipate in your energy. Let Fear, be your power.

I don’t want to live a life being afraid.

Good luck, fear sucks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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