This Guy Cheated On His Pregnant Ex-Wife And Then Tried To Smooth Things Over By Telling Her To ‘Chill’

via Pixabay
via Pixabay

For all those who’ve been cheated on, we know it sucks. It’s confusing, the feelings you had keep coming back, you cry constantly in public places (just me?), it’s a difficult time. But in the age of Facebook you can get cheated on and then get publicly embarrassed by your ex pining for the girl he cheated with. Yay, technology?

This cheater decided it would be just awesome to quote some ‘311’ lyrics (red flag!) and then complain about the girl he cheated with playing games with him.

His ex-wife and the victim of his cheating wasn’t having it.

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Unbelievable, hopefully, she’ll be able to keep spamming him with bible verses until he at least takes responsibility for what he did. If not, at least his Facebook posts are going to be ruined for the foreseeable future.

Let that be a lesson to you, just say no to guys who like ‘311’. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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