How This Airline Treated This Woman After Her Dog Died In Their ‘Care’ Is Outrageous

Kathleen Considine needed safe transportation for her lovely dog, Jacob from Detroit to Portland. She approached United Airlines about whether this was possible. They assured her they’d take care of her pooch and so she entrusted him to the ‘care’ of their PetSafe program.

Trusting them turned out to be a fatal mistake for Jacob.

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This next part is so immensely frustrating.

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After 20 hours without food or water and possibly given medication (without permission) in an unfamiliar area, possibly on the tarmac, any dog would have been under enormous stress.

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I don’t know how this doesn’t qualify as animal cruelty on the part of United Airlines (maybe it does) but people need to hear Kathleen’s story so that they can make informed decisions. I’m sure Kathleen would have chosen differently had she ever imagined that her best friend might have died hungry, afraid, and alone.

Heartfelt best wishes to her and her family. TC mark


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