The 20 Things I Think About When I’m Missing You

Tamara Bellis
Tamara Bellis

1. I remember you when the moon’s shining so bright.

2. I remember you would always tell me to look at the sky and how I wish I can see them through your eyes.

3. I remember you while watching the sunset wishing you were there watching with me.

4. I remember how celestial you are.

5. I remember my first trip to an art museum because you were with me.

6. I remember you being the most caring person I know. I remember you wanting me to be safe at all times.

7. I remember that time when I need to get an uber on my way home and you were arguing with the driver because he can’t find where I am (I’m not sure if you were really mad at him or you’re mad at yourself because you can’t drop me home because you were off to work).

8. I remember you were waiting for me all day until my shift ends at work.

9. I remember you telling me to always take care of myself because you can’t take care of me cause you can’t be with me all the time.

10. I remember our very first argument and how we made up.

11. I remember you told me that even if you were so mad at me, you still care about me and that your feelings won’t change.

12. I remember you whenever I hear the song Tenerife Sea.

13. I remember you sang it on Facebook Live because I requested for it.

14. I remember the first time I watched your gig.

15. I remember it was the best night of my life.

16. I remember you almost all the time. I remember you almost with everything.

17. I remember your last message.

18. I remember how gloomy I was while reading your last message.

19. I remember how stupid I was to hurt you.

20. And every time I remember you, I remember how much I love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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