5 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored And Home Alone

Home Alone
Home Alone

1.  Clean

It will literally make you feel better. It’s scientifically proven, that cleaner surroundings change your environment. Fold that pile of clothes sitting on your floor. Take your cupboards apart and put them back together. Dust! Mop!, Clean your closet! Clean your kitchen. The options are endless…

2. Read A Book

Go through your list of “to-read” books and pick something. You’re wasting time anyway, why not learn a few new words and narrow down that list? And escape for a bit. Check out goodreads.com for some options too.

3. Cook

Try a new, healthy recipe. You’re most likely going to put some junk into your body when you’re fighting boredom – why not try making something new to eat? It will keep you occupied and in the process you will know one more thing to make! 

4. Go for a photo walk

If you have a camera, get out in nature and take some pictures! Anything that catches your attention – snap it! Most cellphones these days have a good camera, so you don’t need to own a fancy DSLR. Plus any instagram filter will make your art look good.  Photography is therapeutic and you’ll feel great!

5. Make A Vision Board

Items you need are: poster/canvas board, some magazines, a glue stick, scissors and a vision. Create something. Anything you want, put it on that board and look at it everyday! It’s crazy fun and it keeps you busy for hours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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