Love Isn’t Always Here To Stay And That’s Okay

Stanley Dai

Did you ever wonder why the universe seems so cruel to let us meet someone who is bound to leave anyway?

You think to yourself, “Why did we have something so good just for it to end?”

Ask yourself this, was the universe really being cruel or perhaps it was trying to tell you something?

Often times, we experience heart-tearing crossroads wherein times like this make us doubt if we’re supposed to see the good in it or accept the circumstance on its surface.

Life makes us wonder, but what’s worse is love triggers us to question worth, value and purpose. Precisely, we meet someone then we fall for them and lucky are we who end up in a relationship with the person we like. Although this is supposed to make us feel on cloud nine, we can’t help but ponder, “Are my feelings enough to keep this relationship?”

Does love guarantee happiness?

Will love make us certain?

Can love sustain?

And I will tell you that love will always make things ambiguous. Love will always put you in the gray area. Love will be love and it is up to us to put the rest into perspective. Love does not guarantee our happiness, love will never make us certain and most definitely,​ ​love​ ​cannot​ ​always​ ​sustain​ ​what​ ​we​ ​have. Hence, we ought to think, why did love come knocking at my door?

Eventually, I realized that sometimes, love is only there to visit. We’re not to be blinded by something so good because even a relationship as astonishing as a star shining brightly could be fleeting. So, you would wonder why did we even have something so good just to be taken from us or perhaps why did things progress so smoothly to end just like this. You’d end up asking all the questions because you wonder how is it possible to suddenly lose interest and notice all the little flaws when everything was actually doing okay.

This is when we think that something so good could be scary. This is where we start to come up with reasons to stop and end the relationship. However, in truth, this is when we realize that the love we have is what we needed only and not what we exactly wanted.

Love is not about staying because we need it. More than that, it is not about settling, but rather, love is meant to keep our feet grounded because it is what we need and simultaneously, love is bound to keep us soaring in the sky because it is what we want. Let love make you weigh what you really wish for.

With that, we come into our senses. You can’t be unfair to your significant other. You can’t stay just to feel secure of yourself and you know to yourself that you should stay because you see potential in the future but if you do find yourself doubting, don’t be too scared to lose something so good. Free yourself from the burden and more importantly, free your significant other from greater pain. Precisely, fear and regret will hinder you from letting go. You will be frightened by the possibility that you might not have this kind of love again. But again, ask yourself, do you really want to stay or do you like the idea of him giving the love that you need?

What’s certain is love isn’t always here to stay and that’s okay​. Sometimes, the universe just wants you to be ready again. Some people were just meant to let you know that you deserve to be loved. You were able to get hold of a good relationship to be reminded that love could still be amazing and to be evoked of your worth, value and purpose—and darling, that’s what love truly is about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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